Scotland’s plastics ban & Vegware’s alternatives

*An update*

It has been possible for clients in Scotland to continue using the banned items as a slower phase-out, but changes to the Internal Market Act mean that these bans come into force from 12th August 2022. Find out more here

From June 2022, Scotland comes into line with much of Europe with a ban on plastic cutlery, plates and stirrers, as well as all expanded polystyrene cups and containers. Plastic straws are limited to those who need them for health or care reasons. Here’s the official info

Are you looking for alternatives, made from plant-based materials? That we can help you compost? Well look no further – Vegware has you covered. 

Our Environmental & Communications Director, Lucy Frankel, speaks to 5 News about Scotland’s plastics ban

Scotland’s plastic ban – how we can help 

We have a handy breakdown of the products now banned in Scotland, and Vegware’s alternatives: 

Banned in Scotland 
from 1st June 2022 
Vegware’s compliant alternatives 
Polystyrene foam containers Bagasse takeaway boxes, our Gourmet range, or our microflute boxes and trays 
Polystyrene cups Our wide range of hot cups – double or single wall 
Plastic plates Bagasse tableware 
Plastic cutlery Try our quality wooden cutlery  Or register above to find out when our brand-new paper cutlery is available 
Plastic stirrers Our wooden stirrers made from sustainably sourced birch wood 
Plastic straws Our wide range of paper straws 

For more information about the ban and how it affects Vegware’s CPLA and PLA cutlery and straws, read Scotland’s plastics bans from June 2022 – how Vegware can help. 

Since you asked… We run our own collections in Central Belt Scotland called Close the Loop, and we can help businesses set up composting in many other areas of Scotland (and most of the UK too).  

For individuals, cafes or businesses with a boxful of used Vegware, RecycleBox by First Mile is a UK-wide courier post-back service for composting.