New composting route in Bournemouth!

We’re delighted to launch a new composting collection service for our customers in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole! Vegware customers in these areas will be able to turn their used Vegware and food scraps into PAS100 compost in under 12 weeks!

How does it work?

Education, communication and teamwork are key.  

Firstly, Vegware’s Environmental team work with clients to set up suitable waste streams. For example, bins for used Vegware and food scraps, general waste and mixed recycling. We educate staff and diners about the change to their on-site waste services. Also, we explain the new composting process. We want the best bin practice, people putting the correct waste in each bin.

Next, the used Vegware and food scraps are collected and put through a quality control process, to minimise contamination.

They take the quality waste to Envar’s in-vessel composting facility. Finally, the compostables turn into nutrient-rich soil improver for local use.

Examining compost at Envar
PAS100 compost at Envar’s facility.

Why is composting important?

Compost is important for many reasons. Not least because it returns essential nutrients to the soil, sequesters carbon from the air. Crucially, unlike recycling, where 61% of the UK’s plastic packaging was exported in 2019, composting happens within the UK.

Join the composting collective

Our Environmental team offer free waste consultancy for Vegware customers. Looking to compost? Get in touch!

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