Composting Vegware

Have we mentioned that we’re fans of compostable packaging and we like composting Vegware? In fact, we’re big advocates of a flourishing bioeconomy. Supporting the bioeconomy provides environmental and economic benefits and means everyone can be less reliant on fossil-based materials. Compostable foodservice packaging plays a vital role in this move. Especially given how difficult foodservice packaging is to recycle. 

Needless to say, at Vegware, we like to practise what we preach. Hosting events at our HQ can sometimes mean there isn’t enough crockery to go around. Disposables offer a solution and thankfully, we have the composting waste stream ready to go. If only we knew of a compostable packaging supplier… 

People sat around a table for an event at Vegware HQ.

When we need to use disposables, we make sure we compost them. Every Vegware product we use in our HQ gets collected with our food waste and turned to high-grade compost in under 12 weeks. Using our products makes disposal really easy. Everything goes into one bin and we know that vital nutrients are going back into the soil. 

Rules of engagement

In the office, our approach to waste isn’t exclusively about composting. Our Green team have been doing some great work around our HQ to improve recycling rates. Part of this is through lunch choices. The Green team have made a concerted effort in encouraging colleagues to consider the waste implications when purchasing their lunch. Whether it’s bringing a Tupperware box from home, or choosing a supermarket meal deal, we know our lunch choices have implications on the amount of waste we produce. 

We totally get it too. If it’s not meant for a compostables bin, it’s not always clear which bin it should go in. Thankfully, our Environmental team have invented a fun solution to help us get it right – Bin Pong. 

Bin Pong is a great way of engaging people on the subject of waste.

“When it comes to waste management, we’re really proud to be leading by example. Working with the Green team means we can help colleagues make informed decisions. With this knowledge colleagues can help us to limit both the waste we produce, and the amount going to general waste” 

Phoebe Russell, Waste Management Consultant, Vegware
Line of recycling bins including a compostable packaging and food waste bin in a kitchen
The kitchen bins at Vegware HQ

Keen to compost?

Vegware can consult on your region’s composting collection options. Just fill out a couple of details and we’ll be in touch with information about composting opportunities specific to your area.

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