Let’s not tax compostables! Have your say

The UK Government wants to tax all compostable packaging, including Vegware. They do not consider it to be recyclable. This would make it more expensive than non-renewable, conventional plastic packaging. If you disagree, complete the survey today!

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What is packaging EPR?

Packaging extended producer responsibility (packaging EPR) places obligations on producers who place packaging on the market to ensure material is managed properly at end-of life. This may require changes to the design of packaging, inclusion of consumer labels, financial costs of collection and sorting infrastructure, monitoring and evaluation of material in the supply chain, communication activities and more.  

How might it affect compostables? 

Under the new legislation, compostable and biodegradable packaging would be considered as not recyclable. As a not recyclable product, Vegware would attract higher fees than other packaging made from non-renewable oil-based plastics.

The government argues that there are a number of challenges associated with the use and management of compostable and biodegradable packaging. In particular, they are concerned the number of facilities that accept these materials at end of life is limited and compostables can cause consumer confusion.  

We disagree.

Evidence shows that thousands of well-known consumer facing brands, including
retailers, FMCG companies, caterers, building managers including the Parliamentary Estate and
DEFRA itself, use compostable materials certified to the standard BS EN 13432 (we exclude any
other materials labelled generically ‘biodegradable’ from this analysis). The marketplace and brands are far ahead of Government thinking.

Have your say!

Use this link to complete the Packaging EPR survey and help decision-makers to see the value of compostables.

There are many questions, and not all of them relate to compostables. We have prepared a guide for the relevant questions that you can download here:

We take EPR seriously

Waste activism is at the heart of Vegware’s award-winning environmental services. Since 2012, our Environmental team have been forging links with the waste sector, identifying new routes to commercial composting and running large-scale trials at industrial composting facilities.

Currently, in the UK, trade composting collections are available for Vegware packaging in 55 of the UK’s largest towns and cities, covering 71% of the UK’s urban population.

Last month, we announced our partnership with Countrystyle Recycling in Cambridgeshire, expanding our reach ever further. The new route means caterers in Cambridgeshire can now compost their used Vegware and food waste.